Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony Entrance

The chances are that you have given some thought to the decorations you would like inside your wedding ceremony location, such as altar flowers and pew decorations. Often overlooked, however, is the entrance to the church or other ceremony site. Just like your bridal gown is not complete without the right wedding jewelry, your ceremony decorations are incomplete without some adornment on the front door. These are some wonderful ideas on how to decorate the ceremony entrance to make a fabulous first impression.

When your guests first arrive at your wedding location, it is great if the outside of the building gives some hint as to the celebration taking place within. A classic decoration for church doors is to hang a wreath on the outside. If they are double doors, use a pair of wreaths. Wreaths are great, because there are so many different styles in which you can make them. Use classic boxwood for an elegant and restrained wreath, perhaps adorned with a large silver bow. Or make a more flowery wreath, using a mixture of greens and your wedding flowers. Wreaths can get very fancy too; if you were having a Winter Wonderland theme wedding

Match Your Wedding Invitations to Your Wedding Location

It is always said that the wedding invitations help to set the tone for the event. They are a wonderful way to give your guests a hint about what to expect. A fantastic way to do this is to select invitations which are inspired by the site where you will have your wedding. Learn how to match your wedding invitations to your wedding location with beautiful results.

Think about the reasons you chose the venue for your wedding. The chances are that there was something about the appearance or style of the space that really spoke to you. That is the place to begin when shopping for wedding invitations that capture the essence of the wedding site. For instance, imagine that you plan to hold your reception in the grandest hotel ballroom in town. Perhaps your vision includes chandeliers, an orchestra, a bevy of bridesmaids in designer gowns and crystal bridesmaid jewelry, and black tie attire. Convey the elegance of your wedding by selecting engraved invitations with opulent flourishes, such as hand calligraphy on the envelopes. If you wish, you could have your stationery bejeweled with crystals or adorned with a chandelier motif. Your guests will definitely

Select The Best Photographer For Your Wedding

Wedding is one of the most important events in every individual’s life. Every couple wants their big day to be filled with lots of memories to cherish forever and they try their best to make it an unforgettable event. One of the most important aspects of making a wedding memorable is by hiring a professional wedding photographer. He will capture all your precious moments so that you can relive them for many years to come.

Wedding photography has changed a lot over the time. With latest equipments and innovative ideas, photographers have added a lot of new dimensions to the traditional concept of wedding photography. He will not only capture the unforgettable moments of bride and groom, but also of family members and other important guests. Only a professional can offer you with clear, precise and sharp photos of your big day.

Selecting the right wedding photographer can be a daunting task. There are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind during the selection process.

Style- You should first decide upon the style of photography you need for your wedding. Discuss with your partner and the photographer whether you want traditional photography or

Choosing a Venue For Your Wedding Ceremony

A marriage ceremony is often the most important time in the life of the engaged couple. Brides and/or grooms tend to work very hard on the most minute details to ensure that this happy day works out as smoothly and beautifully as a fairytale fantasy. One piece that needs thoughtful attention to have the nuptials go off without a hitch (in this case to get hitched) is where to have the wedding. Wedding venues and wedding reception venues abound, and careful consideration should go into selecting the right one.

To give you an idea for what’s possible, let’s discuss options in two cities: Chicago and Houston.
There are several Chicago wedding venues to consider. Some options are: Fulton’s On The River, which boasts a magnificent view of the water, Seven Ten Lounge-Spare Time Events, which gives the exciting urban flavor of Chicago and includes bowling, and the fancy and posh Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Chicago.

A more exhaustive search can be performed to find just the right venue for your wedding.
Houston wedding venues can range from rural to urban. Often they’ll give you different flavors of the South, from country to elegant. Consider The

Selecting the Right Music for Your Wedding

A wedding reception is a time to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé that will last a lifetime. The perfect way to do this is through dancing. Dancing lightens the mood and makes for an enjoyable evening. But remember, to have a successful dance you need to have the right music. Choose music that you and your fiancé enjoy and something that the guests will feel comfortable dancing to.

The music that you play throughout the entire reception, whether or not you dance, will set the tone of the event. As a rule of thumb, most couples play soft, slow music at the beginning of the reception to set a light mood. While guests are eating or after they have eaten, pick up the tempo. This will encourage dancing to really start the celebration. When it is time for the reception to be ending, slow down the music again; this will be a clue to the guests that it will end soon.

When preparing a playlist, try to compile a variety of music styles. Since this is your day, include your and your fiancé’s favorite songs. A well-rounded mix will include styles such as

Your Wedding Invitations by Color

Picking a color for your wedding invitation can be a difficult decision. Colors that are pleasing to you, time of year and other wedding accent colors can all impact the hues you choose for your invitations. Find out what your favorite color might be saying to your guests and put everyone in the right mood.


Brown is a down-to-earth color that can be both calming and stimulating. Pair brown with a bright pink or blue is not only pleasing to the eye, but can actually stimulate the appetite. Brown is a great fall color but can just as easily be used year round


The exact shade of blue can have many different meanings. Robin’s egg blue is soft and delicate while royal blue is bright and strong. As a ‘cool’ color, blue is said to be calming. Imagine a sky blue or ocean blue on your wedding invitation for a breezy and soothing look.


Everyone knows that red is the color of passion; just perfect for your wedding invitation. But in other cultures red can convey power, purity, joy and celebration – all good fits for a wedding celebration.

Using Props to Decorate Your Wedding

Flowers are gorgeous, but they are far from the only option for wedding decorations. These days, a lot of couples are including interesting props in their ceremony and reception decor. Take a look at all of the great ways that unique items can be used to decorate your wedding.

Lighting has become a really big deal in wedding design over the last several years. Interesting lighting can be one way to use props to add style to your reception. Instead of traditional floral centerpieces, place small lamps on the centers of the reception tables to give the space an intimate bistro inspired atmosphere. Clear crystal or glass lamp bases with architectural interest and ice blue silk shades are great for making your tables look like something from the Art Deco period. Or choose very swanky lamps made from rich bronze colored bases with beaded fringe shades for a very opulent effect. They are a great way to cast a warm glow and add style to your reception at the same time.

Theme related props can be a marvelous way to bring your design inspiration to life. For a travel theme celebration, stack cool old vintage suitcases