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Choosing a Venue For Your Wedding Ceremony

A marriage ceremony is often the most important time in the life of the engaged couple. Brides and/or grooms tend to work very hard on the most minute details to ensure that this happy day works out as smoothly and beautifully as a fairytale fantasy. One piece that needs thoughtful attention to have the nuptials go off without a hitch (in this case to get hitched) is where to have the wedding. Wedding venues and wedding reception venues abound, and careful consideration should go into selecting the right one.

To give you an idea for what’s possible, let’s discuss options in two cities: Chicago and Houston.
There are several Chicago wedding venues to consider. Some options are: Fulton’s On The River, which boasts a magnificent view of the water, Seven Ten Lounge-Spare Time Events, which gives the exciting urban flavor of Chicago and includes bowling, and the fancy and posh Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Chicago.

A more exhaustive search can be performed to find just the right venue for your wedding.
Houston wedding venues can range from rural to urban. Often they’ll give you different flavors of the South, from country to elegant. Consider The Magnolia room in the historic district, Always and Forever downtown, and Ashelynn Manor, just outside of Houston in the country.

The Magnolia room used to be a brewery, but has been converted to a beautiful fantasy, complete with a reception hall, dance floor, grand staircase and a romantic balcony that looks over the water. Always and Forever is designed to give the wedding parties the flavor of Europe without the expense. It has a sophisticated style modeled after cities in France, Spain and Italy that are leaders of elite taste. Ashelynn Manor is a country estate, whose building has nostalgic rising pillars and includes honeymoon suites that over look the rolling green hills, and rooms for the bridal party so they can already be there on the wedding day to prepare.

Perhaps you’d like to go for an international wedding. Both Cru(i)s(z)es–Penelope and Tom held their weddings abroad. It’s not just a celebrity fad, its also capturing the imagination of thousands of non-celebrities too.

Wedding venues in the UK include scenic ocean side small villages, fancy royal locations in London, or rolling emerald magic in Ireland. Toronto wedding venues include The Atlantis Pavilion, Medieval Times (don’t let the cheesy name confuse you, the pictures a fairytale intriguing), Arcadian Court and the Docks Entertainment Complex. There are many more options, but this sampling alone shows the wide range of elegance, sophistication, modern excitement and fantasy.

Selecting the Right Music for Your Wedding

A wedding reception is a time to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé that will last a lifetime. The perfect way to do this is through dancing. Dancing lightens the mood and makes for an enjoyable evening. But remember, to have a successful dance you need to have the right music. Choose music that you and your fiancé enjoy and something that the guests will feel comfortable dancing to.

The music that you play throughout the entire reception, whether or not you dance, will set the tone of the event. As a rule of thumb, most couples play soft, slow music at the beginning of the reception to set a light mood. While guests are eating or after they have eaten, pick up the tempo. This will encourage dancing to really start the celebration. When it is time for the reception to be ending, slow down the music again; this will be a clue to the guests that it will end soon.

When preparing a playlist, try to compile a variety of music styles. Since this is your day, include your and your fiancé’s favorite songs. A well-rounded mix will include styles such as jazz, classical, oldies, country, swing, and rock and roll. Review the playlist with the bandleader or DJ. If you are stuck on what to play, consult the bandleader and DJ. They will have more experience with weddings and will be able to tell you popular weddings songs. They might even already have a playlist that you can review and use if you prefer.

When hiring a DJ, you shouldn’t have to worry about the amount or selection of music he or she has. This is something you might consider though when hiring a live band. You will need to make sure that the band can play any type of music that you want played, although if you are working with a band that is experienced at playing for weddings, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Coordinate with your DJ or live band when you will cut the cake, throw the bouquet and garter, and dance to the first song. This way they will know when to stop and start the music. Some DJs and bandleaders will even double as Master of Ceremonies for you. Before hiring a DJ, make an appointment to talk with them, try to listen to them perform somewhere else so you can get an idea of what they will do at your reception. Also, know what kind of sound system the DJ uses or if there is already a system he or she can use at your reception location.

Many couples prefer to hire both a DJ and a live band, alternating them during the festivities. This will give them each time to rest and also enjoy the night, although DJs won’t need as many breaks as a live band. Remember to add these professionals onto the list of who is eating for the caterers; these people will also need to eat and drink during the event.

However you decide to do the music at your wedding and reception, it will make for a great event. Background music sets a nice tone and encourages guests to mingle and chat. Louder, faster music will get the dancing started right away. Either way, you, your loved one, and your guests will have a great time.

Your Wedding Invitations by Color

Picking a color for your wedding invitation can be a difficult decision. Colors that are pleasing to you, time of year and other wedding accent colors can all impact the hues you choose for your invitations. Find out what your favorite color might be saying to your guests and put everyone in the right mood.


Brown is a down-to-earth color that can be both calming and stimulating. Pair brown with a bright pink or blue is not only pleasing to the eye, but can actually stimulate the appetite. Brown is a great fall color but can just as easily be used year round


The exact shade of blue can have many different meanings. Robin’s egg blue is soft and delicate while royal blue is bright and strong. As a ‘cool’ color, blue is said to be calming. Imagine a sky blue or ocean blue on your wedding invitation for a breezy and soothing look.


Everyone knows that red is the color of passion; just perfect for your wedding invitation. But in other cultures red can convey power, purity, joy and celebration – all good fits for a wedding celebration. And since red is considered a ‘hot’ color, it can bring out the fiery side of your wedding guests with your red-hot wedding invitation.


Another ‘hot’ color, orange is also associated with energy. Pick an orange accented wedding invitation to get your guests mentally stimulated as well as in a more sociable state of mind. Orange is at home with right autumn hues and with bright summer and citrus colors.


The increasing popularity of green can be attributed to eco-friendly movement. Consider using the color green to highlight your environmentally friendly wedding choices. But green can also symbolize growth and renewal making it ideal for a wedding invitation.


Often considered the color of royalty, purple is a perfect combination of red-hot and cool blue. A deep purple is said to evoke passion; just right for your wedding day. A soft purple, like lavender is romantic and delicate.


Yellow is an undeniable happy color. Your guests will be reminded of sunshine and summery citrus shades. Yellow is also a joyful and cheerful color – a great choice for your joyful wedding day.

Black and white

One never goes out of style and the other is most often used to express purity. Together, black and white are unmistakably formal. Use black and white for your wedding invitation and you not only announce an elegant and smart affair, but you’re also keeping your style clean and crisp.

Using Props to Decorate Your Wedding

Flowers are gorgeous, but they are far from the only option for wedding decorations. These days, a lot of couples are including interesting props in their ceremony and reception decor. Take a look at all of the great ways that unique items can be used to decorate your wedding.

Lighting has become a really big deal in wedding design over the last several years. Interesting lighting can be one way to use props to add style to your reception. Instead of traditional floral centerpieces, place small lamps on the centers of the reception tables to give the space an intimate bistro inspired atmosphere. Clear crystal or glass lamp bases with architectural interest and ice blue silk shades are great for making your tables look like something from the Art Deco period. Or choose very swanky lamps made from rich bronze colored bases with beaded fringe shades for a very opulent effect. They are a great way to cast a warm glow and add style to your reception at the same time.

Theme related props can be a marvelous way to bring your design inspiration to life. For a travel theme celebration, stack cool old vintage suitcases in the corners of the reception space. Set wooden model sailboats on the reception tables as part of the centerpieces for a nautical wedding. Making the boats could be a fun project for the groom, if he is into that sort of thing; after all, it’s not only brides who can bring their diy skills to a wedding. Having a literary theme celebration? How about acquiring a retired wooden card catalog to use as a prop to hold escort cards? There are endless possibilities.

Antiques are another great addition to a wedding. They can be used for virtually anything, and need not be precious or perfectly restored – sometimes “shabby chic” items are the best ones of all. Use an old painted dresser as a guest book table. Line a hallway with an assortment of vintage mirrors in an eclectic array of frames. Don’t forget about the antiques you may already have in your family. Old family photos of your parents (with your mom in her wedding gown and pearl earrings), the bride and groom as kids, and even black and whites of beloved childhood pets can add that great personal touch to your wedding.

Props make great vessels for centerpieces and ceremony flowers as well. Let’s say that you were planning an informal afternoon garden wedding and wearing a white chiffon dress with dainty pearl earrings. Play up the garden idea by using watering cans to hold loose arrangements of fresh cut blossoms for centerpieces or to decorate the food tables. A potting bench would be a great place to display the escort cards or set the guest book; you could even stack up a bunch of old ceramic pots underneath it. Wooden vessels also look wonderful for flower arrangements. A wooden fruit crate or a rough-hewn wood box would make a clever alternative to a traditional vase for a wedding with a rustic flavor.

There are plenty more great ways to use props in your wedding decorations. Hay bales around a barn, decorative birdbaths filled with blossoms, or elegant Victorian terrariums would all be examples of how interesting objects can be incorporated into your wedding. Unique props are an easy way to add character to your celebration.

The Day Of Your Dreams In Style

Your wedding reception will be one of the most remembered events of your life – a commemoration of love and happiness to share with those most dear to you. It’s a time of celebration and crescendo of months of careful planning and anxious anticipation. Whether you are planning an elaborate event with many guests or an intimate dinner for only family and close friends, remember, this is your moment, your chance to create the day of your dreams.

After you set a wedding date, one of the most crucial decisions you must make is what type of reception you will have. Do you want a traditional wedding reception with many guests and a formal receiving line? Or would you prefer a more informal open house? You my decide that a small gathering for a formal dinner, in lieu of a traditional reception, is better suited to your tastes and style. Many brides have a reception in the bride’s hometown and an open house given by the parents of the groom one to three weeks later.

The location for your celebration will greatly influence the type of reception you choose to have. Some brides have their receptions in historic homes or churches; others opt for a quaint garden setting or a romantic gathering on a beach. Even a family backyard can be transformed into an elegant setting that reflects your individuality. Each of these sites lends itself to a different kind of wedding reception. As you determine the type of reception you’d like, consider how many people you want to invite, the number of people you want to include in the wedding party, the kind and amount of food you want to serve, what type of music you prefer, if there will be dancing, and so on.

Once you have decided on the type of reception you want and have reserved your location, it’s time to move on the style or theme of your event. Selecting a style or theme for your reception may seem as elusive as finding the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding gown. It is, however, an important part of creating a beautiful, cohesive reception. A number of things can serve as the starting point for determining your wedding theme, from the style of your gown to your favorite variety of flowers to the season in which you will marry. But it is of overriding importance once you have established a theme or style to keep the rest of your reception in harmony with this decision. The style or theme you select will help dictate other choices, such as which type of flowers you carry, how formal your announcements should be, what your bridesmaids will wear, and so on.

The style of your wedding should reflect your personality and preferences. And remember, even though some of these decisions will seem overwhelming or insignificant – and everyone from your own mother to your soon-to-be sister-in-law will have their own ideas – these are happy decisions. This is your opportunity to personalize your wedding and thus make it the event you always dreamed it would be.

Picking the Right Style for Your Wedding

Weddings are so personal and unique these days that there is no one best way to do it. With so many possibilities, some brides cannot even figure out where to begin! Should you have a beach wedding, a church ceremony, a loft reception, a backyard barbeque, or something else entirely? This handy guide to wedding styles will help you narrow it down to the type of wedding which will be just right for you and your fiance.

Your everyday lifestyle is always a good place to begin when thinking about the ideal style for your wedding celebration. If you are the sort of woman who favors twinsets with color coordinated shoes, you will probably be most at home in a classic location, such as a country club. Wear a white silk strapless A-line gown, carry a bouquet of pink peonies, and dance to a big band. Other options for brides with classic tastes can include yacht clubs or formal tented weddings.

A chic loft wedding will be perfect for you if you are the ultimate city girl. If you are the one who is in the know about the coolest restaurants, the best clubs, and the latest art events, you will feel right at tome in a loft. The wide open space is ideal for a modern wedding, and the blank canvas will allow your creative side to run wild. Modern minimalist or retro-chic are two great design schemes for a loft reception. An alternative to a loft is a wedding held in an art gallery, or other non-traditional space. You may need a wedding planner to help you track down some of the off-the-beaten path venues which can host your cool and unique urban wedding.

Many brides fantasize about being married on the beach. The natural beauty of a beach location is certainly beyond compare, but there is a certain lack of control which is inherent in this type of wedding. You will be happiest with a beach wedding if you are willing to put up with a bit of uncertainty or imperfections. Before committing to a ceremony on the beach, be sure that you will be comfortable with getting your wedding dress sandy or having your bridal veil being blown into your face by the wind during the vow exchange. Beach weddings are fantastic for sun-worshipers, couples who love the great outdoors, and brides who can be flexible. A short wedding dress worn with handmade beach theme wedding jewelry is terrific for a wedding on the sand.

Church weddings can run the range from formal to low-key, but in general they are fairly traditional. The number one reason to choose a church wedding is indeed tradition, as well as your religious beliefs. If you envision a formal wedding, a church ceremony is a great way to start. Feel free to choose a wedding gown with a long train, crystal beading, or ornate embroidery for a church wedding. Add all the trimmings, such as a veil, beautiful headpiece, and handmade pearl and crystal wedding jewelry. Follow a traditional church service with a reception in an equally traditional venue, like a hotel ballroom, country club, or an historic mansion.

Very casual brides and grooms will enjoy an outdoor wedding in a site like a park, forest, or backyard. This is a terrific option for anyone who likes very relaxed entertaining, as well as for the DIY bride. A casual outdoor wedding is for you if you picture reception tables decorated with oilcloth and pitchers of wildflowers, on which guests can dine on upscale comfort foods. As long as you plan the style of wedding which best suits your taste and lifestyle, it is sure to be a wonderful celebration.

Things to Be Considered For Your Wedding Day

As a child every kid, especially a girl, is fascinated by fairy tales. They just love it when the princess gets the prince at the end of the tale and live happily ever after. This figment of imagination slowly translates into real life when a girl essentially finds her true love and both finally decided to be bonded in an eternal relationship through the holy sanctity of marriage. Weddings are the most happiest and memorable days of almost everyone’s lives. And what makes this day memorable is the union of the bride and groom celebrated in a certain style of their own choice. Styles are innumerous across the globe. They vary with the local tradition and customs. Nevertheless, all styles that exist today are special and most cherished in their own way.

The most celebrated day in a couple’s life is their wedding day and it is not only true for the D-day but also for years to come. They record these priceless moments in the form of still photography and video capturing to honor their extremely precious day. People these days want to have everything done perfectly. They want the perfect fairytale wedding and expect to have no screw ups or mess of any kind. To keep the wedding plans flawless many well-to-do couples hire a wedding planner. These wedding planners are professionals who take care of everything from A-Z in a wedding for a certain fee amount. There are some others though who love to arrange their own weddings in their own wedding style. This is not a bad idea either if you think you have the time to do it.

Thus whoever the planner of the wedding is, be it a professional or close friends and relatives, the first and foremost thing they have to think about is the wedding cost. Without knowing the various wedding costs they cannot really organize the wedding according to their estimated budget. There are so many elements that make a wedding possible. From the venue for the ceremony to the venue for the reception, from the caterers to the florists, from the wedding gowns and suits to the wedding bands, from the wedding music bands to the wedding center pieces it is a huge list to take care of. The preparation initiates from selecting wedding invitations and listing out the number of guests and knowing how many would show up in order to arrange the necessary quantity of food and drinks. A detailed estimate of wedding costs constituting all these factors must be planned beforehand. This reduces the unwanted last moment nervousness on the day when everyone is supposed to be happy and rejoicing. In the end, proper planning helps in smooth execution of your perfect wedding day.

Picking a Bracelet for Your Wedding

Jewelry of a bride always becomes the center of attraction during a wedding ceremony; whether it is her ring, earrings, necklace or a gleaming bracelet.

Your wrist can look more attractive if you wear a bridal bracelet. Your style statement will be made on the basis of a good-looking and modish bracelet which adds extra glamour on your wedding gown.

There is a huge variety of bridal bracelets for women available in various designs that can range from petite and audacious to restrained and prominent.

Diamond is considered as the symbol of perpetuity and endless love, therefore it is one of the most popular choices to use during a wedding. Diamond helps in increasing glisten of the wedding dress by adding a feel of elegance and erudition to the whole gaze.

It is said that a women’s best friend is diamond and therefore the best choice to celebrate your wedding is to wear a stunning and astounding diamond bracelet. It has power to give gorgeous gaze and take a shine to the eyes of all the bystanders. It has been the desire of all brides to purchase a diamond bracelet on her wedding.

It is necessary to examine your wedding gown and other jewelry accessories while selecting a diamond bracelet. It may range from a journey bracelet, tennis bracelet, gemstone bracelet or as you’ve always dreamed: a diamond bracelet.

Brides admire diamond tennis bracelets a lot. Diamond tennis bracelets have a simple design that carries a single lined bracelet with similar extended diamonds whereas the design of this bracelet stays invariable wholly.

In order to make your wedding day the most memorable day many jewelry designers work hard on designing delicate and good-looking bracelets for women. Nowadays bangles containing diamonds are at the top of all most favored bracelets.

Various kinds of metals are used in diamond bridal bracelets. Diamond sparks more in Gold.

Therefore using gold bracelets containing diamonds is the best choice. These bracelets are available in the range of 9k, 14k and 18k, where K symbolizes the weight of gold in kilos. There is another option of platinum diamond bridal bracelets that have the power to increase the shine of wedding gown.

In case if a bride is not capable of purchasing platinum or gold diamond bracelets then authentic silver is the best choice to go with.

Also designs of diamond vary as per the desire of bride. The most favored diamond shapes are the oval, pear, trillion, round and heart.

This is how a bridal bracelet can give a feel of erudition to a bride’s wedding gown. Nowadays there are plenty of bracelet designers. A customized bit of jewelry is a best choice for the bridal bracelets if you wish to give a personalized touch.

Where and How to Celebrate a Wedding

Wedding marks the beginning of a new journey with the blessing of the elders and wishes from friends. The celebration of the grand event also brings in bag of joy and happiness to remember throughout life. While weddings differ from one culture o another, happiness and fun quotient remains the same. Your near and dear ones participate to make this day special n every year. While you are busy preparing for the occasion, where and how to celebrate a wedding is something to ponder upon. The venue and ways of celebrations form an important part of your day’s agenda. With wedding ceremonies creating a revolution in the ways of celebrations, there are several locations creating the perfect blend for you.

Wedding locations, party arrangements, and the food menu are something that both the bride and the groom need to consider. There are some careful thoughts that surround the reason of where and how to celebrate a wedding. From beach locations to castle, the world offers excellent venues to the couples for gala celebrations.

Countries like India, United States. France, Britain, and Spain have developed as major hotspots for tourist weddings. You can easily seek a place that offers friendly ambience, place for hosting the banquet, and catering services. Celebrating a wedding in style is something a couple endeavors. You are unlikely to make it ordinary so unique facilities are what you will be looking out for. Spain’s castles have made tourists go over heals in love with its splendor. The old castles’ charm is retained in its majestic rooms, large dining, and recreation facilities for guests. Even France has several castle turned hotels appropriate for a wedding extravaganza.

India in recent years has overgrown with global facilities for celebrity weddings in its erstwhile palaces. The palace turned hotels in the India are a huge rage in the state of Rajasthan, once the princely states ruled by the Maharajas. Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and Udaipur have some of the exotic palace hotels making weddings a royal affair in every way.

In United States, the wedding planners and other management companies have geared up for distinct locations for marriages. There are beach resorts, restaurants, and even air-balloons as venues for the celebrations. There are night parties, couples’ games, drinks, and dance as part of the event. Exchange of gifts and receiving a surprise honeymoon package can be the ultimate way of making the day special in the newly weds’ life.

Different Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding

Do you want to have your wedding in a chapel remembered for life? You can make your dream come true in Las Vegas, because only in Las Vegas you will be offered the most unusual wedding ideas. Regardless of whether you choose the modestly of your hotel room with a small intimate ceremony, or organize a large magnificent celebration in one of the exciting places in Las Vegas, you can be sure that your most important day will be the most remarkable and memorable.

You can start preparing for your wedding in Las Vegas by getting acquainted with the law of marriage in Nevada and especially in Las Vegas. Also, you need to collect information on the marriage age and documents you need, as well as the prices. If you start to plan the wedding for a couple of weeks before the ceremony, you will have enough time to choose a place, time and style. Also in this case, you will be able to marry on the day of arrival at the wedding capital of the world.

If you want to celebrate a wedding in nature, you have the following choices: Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire or the mountains. Any of these places located far from the city, will amaze you with its magnificent scenery and tranquility. Optionally, if you prefer, you can be married by a Catholic priest, with whom you can meet before the ceremony in order to discuss the details of your Las Vegas wedding.

However, if there is enough time, you can make the wedding ceremony more colorful, by adding a touch of some of the foreign culture traditions you like. For example, according to a Celtic tradition, you seal the marriage by shaking hands; the custom to buy the bride comes from Spain, and proves that the groom is able to support his wife; the Hawaiian flower garland connects the husband and wife. The customs of the inhabitants of Central America, Mexico, as well as Jewish customs will make your wedding in the chapel very exciting. You can choose a themed wedding such as Rock and Roll, Harley, Sigmund and Freud, Pirate, Camelot, Liberace, Egyptian, Intergalactic etc. You can have Elvis performing your ceremony and singing his songs if you choose Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding and you can marry in a helicopter. You have millions of options.

However, not all the wedding chapels in the city provide such services. In some chapels you will be offered a limited list of services, where there will be indicated the exact duration of the ceremony, which can not be changed. Other chapels simply follow the traditions. Yet the majority of wedding chapels will do everything necessary to ensure that you will remember your wedding in Las Vegas for life.

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