The Best Wedding Favors For Your Wedding

With all of the decisions you will make while planning your wedding, one that often gets overlooked is wedding favors. Wedding favors are generally given to the guests at the very end of a wedding reception to show the couple’s appreciation for their attendance and/or gifts. When choosing favors for a wedding, you will want to show your guests that you were considerate enough to provide these small gifts in good taste.

Personalized pens are a favorite because they offer practicality as well as novelty. The pen itself is something that anyone can use in everyday life. Pen wedding favors can feature classic symbols of wedding such as wedding cakes, brides and grooms, the couple’s anniversary, hearts, or other celebratory designs. Generally, these pens are anywhere from one dollar to three dollars.

If you are looking for a small and simple place to squeeze elegance into your wedding plans, go for place card holders. Of course, the place card holder’s job is to direct your guests to their places at the tables, but they can also be decorative additions. These wedding favors come in all different varieties including butterfly, flower, seashell, glitter, silver, swirl, heart, and fall leaves. The cost of place card holders varies by style and amount.

Times of celebration call for quality wines and liquors. Give your guests bottle openers or shot glasses of their very own to use at your wedding. These items are usually fairly cheap, and can be the source of lots of fun. Personalize them with your wedding date or you and your new spouse’s names. No one will forget how much fun your reception was!

Another great practical wedding favor is a set of coasters. Coasters come in many different themes to fit many different weddings. Your guests can use them right when they sit down at the guest tables to eat. Opt for photo-holding coasters to make a plain set of coasters a little more interesting.

If smelling great is what you want in a wedding favor, choose soaps, lotions, candles, or homemade potpourri. These wedding favors will be a hit after the wedding, as they look beautiful and add lovely fragrances to your guests’ homes. A great potpourri mix for fall is dried apples, cinnamon sticks, and pine cone chips. Apple cinnamon candles also add a warm, inviting smell to a home. Soaps and lotions as part of a tiny basket make neat and useful wedding favors.

The key to making your guests feel appreciated, is to put thought into your wedding favors. No matter which ones you decide to give, make sure that you select the ones that you would most like to receive at a wedding.

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