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November 2018

The Best Wedding Favors For Your Wedding

With all of the decisions you will make while planning your wedding, one that often gets overlooked is wedding favors. Wedding favors are generally given to the guests at the very end of a wedding reception to show the couple’s appreciation for their attendance and/or gifts. When choosing favors for a wedding, you will want to show your guests that you were considerate enough to provide these small gifts in good taste.

Personalized pens are a favorite because they offer practicality as well as novelty. The pen itself is something that anyone can use in everyday life. Pen wedding favors can feature classic symbols of wedding such as wedding cakes, brides and grooms, the couple’s anniversary, hearts, or other celebratory designs. Generally, these pens are anywhere from one dollar to three dollars.

If you are looking for a small and simple place to squeeze elegance into your wedding plans, go for place card holders. Of course, the place card holder’s job is to direct your guests to their places at the tables, but they can also be decorative additions. These wedding favors come in all different varieties including butterfly, flower, seashell, glitter, silver, swirl, heart, and fall leaves. The cost of place card holders varies by style and amount.

Times of celebration call for quality wines and liquors. Give your guests bottle openers or shot glasses of their very own to use at your wedding. These items are usually fairly cheap, and can be the source of lots of fun. Personalize them with your wedding date or you and your new spouse’s names. No one will forget how much fun your reception was!

Another great practical wedding favor is a set of coasters. Coasters come in many different themes to fit many different weddings. Your guests can use them right when they sit down at the guest tables to eat. Opt for photo-holding coasters to make a plain set of coasters a little more interesting.

If smelling great is what you want in a wedding favor, choose soaps, lotions, candles, or homemade potpourri. These wedding favors will be a hit after the wedding, as they look beautiful and add lovely fragrances to your guests’ homes. A great potpourri mix for fall is dried apples, cinnamon sticks, and pine cone chips. Apple cinnamon candles also add a warm, inviting smell to a home. Soaps and lotions as part of a tiny basket make neat and useful wedding favors.

The key to making your guests feel appreciated, is to put thought into your wedding favors. No matter which ones you decide to give, make sure that you select the ones that you would most like to receive at a wedding.

Getting the Right Inspiration For Your Wedding Hair

Brides get that once in a lifetime chance to feel like a princess for a day, and that single moment should definitely be like a dream come true. With millions of choices to be made and hundreds of details to tackle, don’t be stuck in the whirl of it all. Make sure you get everything perfectly in order, starting with your bridal look.

The theme of the wedding should represent you and your husband-to-be as a couple, focusing on the kind of relationship both of you share. On the other hand, the theme of the bride’s look should embody the woman within – who she is and what will she be in the coming years as a Mrs. To help you in assembling the wardrobe, we’ve jotted down a few tips on where to get your wedding day hair’s inspiration and how to put it into reality.

Hunt it down. Browse through wedding magazines, watch the runways and surf the net – be updated with the trends of the season. If you’re eyeing your favorite celebrities’ hairstyles, go ahead and print a copy to be filed. Seeing it in person makes it easier to imagine on yourself – if you can find a volunteer, be sure to pick one with the same hair length as you. Another method is to browse your previous photos in different haircuts and style to know if you look good with an up-do or not. Ideally, it would be good to get at least 3 hairstyles for inspiration early on and you’ll get ample time for choosing later.

Stick to the theme. If you are going for a beach wedding, a tight sleek bun might end up looking too formal on the day itself. Still keep in mind that the entire event has a theme for uniformity and don’t forget about your dress as well. Take into consideration the neck line, details and the veil’s cut when scanning through hairstyles.

Expertly speaking. Bring those hairstyle photos down to your hair stylist and have a good chitchat. Also have the sketch of the gown to serve as a basis and for comparison’s sake. The visit should be done at least 6 months before the wedding, enough time for color treatments to sink in, trimmed ends to grow and for final cuts to be made. Once you have agreed on one hairstyle, go ahead and have a sample run to see how it looks and to know how long the styling takes. Do know that after you have said ‘yes’ to a hairstyle, there’s no turning back. You don’t have a problem with commitment, do you?

Second opinions. At the trial run, take a photo of how the hair style looks on you and show it to the girls. Your sister, mom or bridesmaids may give you honest feedback regarding the look. If it looks great, then one item on the to-do list is checked complete. If it isn’t cut out for you, then the earlier you know, the earlier you can go back to Step 1 until you get it right.

Important Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Getting married is a joyous occasion. It’s the big day and you are going to look absolutely stunning as you celebrate in front of all your friends and family. It can be a very long process to find the perfect dress because you may try on over 20 different dresses before you find the right one that suits your figure and personal taste. As a general rule of thumb make sure you begin dress shopping a minimum of 8 months before your wedding to allow for alterations and possible changes to be made if they need to.

Figuring out your personal style can be quite a task at first. You might not know anything about wedding dresses and need a starting point to get moving. You can begin by purchasing some bridal or wedding magazines and then cutting out pictures of the women and dresses you find interesting. Another starting point is by using the internet to look at the different bridal websites that showcase many different dresses and styles of them. Another place that may not come to mind right away is by taking a glance at pictures of family members who have been married. Maybe you will find a dress that looks perfect there.

Your friends and family are great sources of information for you especially if they have been married recently or helped other people with choosing their dresses or wedding planning. They may be able to recommend a good shop to start at or even a distinct designer that they found particularly stunning.

Your shoes need to complement your dress. You should definitely bring your shoes with you when you go to try on any dress to make sure that they match and that the heel height is appropriate for the dress.

You don’t always need to get a customized dress. The racks with dresses hanging on them can be great places to start and you may end up saving quite a bit of money by choosing a display dress instead of getting one made custom.

Make sure that once you’ve decided on your dress style be sure to try on a few different dresses that suit it. A small change in the style may make a world of difference in how the dress looks on you.

Once you choose your dress it may time to discuss making any changes to it that need to be done. Alterations can take quite a bit of time which is why the dress needs to be chosen ahead of time.

If you do end up getting a dress made custom you need to give ample time for the dressmaker to get it made and have all the kinks worked out in the process. They may also need to make changes to it after you try it on.

Colour Your Wedding, Colour Your Dress

We have our very own Queen Victoria to thank for bringing white wedding dresses into the mainstream consciousness. Before Her Majesty’s wedding dress of heavy white satin with a lace flounce, women married in their best, often coloured, finery especially as these dresses can be worn again on special occasion without screaming “bride” to all and sundry. And so, it came to pass that the various shades of white became the new norm for brides to march down the aisle.

But times are a-changing. Brides want colour to celebrate their weddings and we are not just talking about colours on the invitations and decorations, flowers and food as well as on the bridesmaids’ dresses. Instead, we are talking about colour on the wedding dress itself!

Two Ways

There are two ways with which colour is re-introduced into the wedding dress. First, the wedding dress is in the preferred shade of white, which can range from stark white to champagne white and every hue in between. Touches of colour are then added to the bridal dress like a sash on the waist, overlay on the bodice, pleats on the skirt, ribbon on the hem and coloured embroidery, to name a few possibilities.

The important thing with these touches of colour is that the hue itself complements the shade of white with which the dress is made of. You also have the choice of the palest pastels to the brightest colours to add to the white wedding dress.

Second, you can have a coloured wedding dress, pure and simple. Your choices range from the palest of yellows to the brightest of reds and even a black wedding gown for the Goth bride. It all depends on the bride’s personal sense of style on her wedding day that, being in a democratic society, she has every right to assert.

When choosing from coloured dresses in the same colour, look at its varied hues. For example, a pink wedding dress can be expanded to mean gowns in baby pink, old rose and fuchsia pink. Or yellow can mean egg yellow, pale yellow and canary yellow. Look at a colour wheel, if you have to, just to determine the exact shade of the colour you want for your wedding finery.

Tips on Colour

Just about any white wedding dress can be adopted to become a coloured gown. The trick is in choosing the best hue that will best complement your skin tone. Let’s face it – not everybody can carry fuchsia well even when you have the attitude for it, no thanks to differences in skin complexion.

Take the fabric samples next to your skin to determine if it brings out the inner glow. You will be able to actually see if the colour suits your skin and your personality. You may even take the dress that looks great on you and ask the sales staff to see if they have bridal fabric in said colour.

When you have chosen the exact shade of your wedding dress, you will then be able to plan the other colours in the wedding from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the venue decorations. You want to achieve a harmonious colour combination that reflects your sense of style, your aspirations for the marriage and your vision of the wedding.

Unique Wedding Favors to Celebrate Your Love

On your special day, the love you share with your mate to be is completely unique, and your unique wedding favors should follow suit. Every bride and groom wants their wedding party favors they choose to reflect their one of a kind love and devotion to each other. Many couples choose their wedding party favors based on the theme, location, and season of their wedding, whether it be tropical, Asian themed, or even a Christmas wedding.

One of the very unique Christmas wedding party favors is a snowflake bottle stopper that comes in its own shimmering gift box. That way all of your guests can take home a holiday symbol that they can use to stop their bottles at home and remember what a great time they had celebrating your new union. This unique wedding favor would go well with the winter and Christmas theme because you can match the snowflake to your decorations, and even use fluffy fake snow to create a snowflake centerpiece to compliment your favors. The holiday theme would be very special to your guests attending, and you can hope for a white Christmas to commemorate your white wedding!

Now, not everyone gets married in December, so for the brides and grooms who opt for a seasonal summer wedding, they can select from many unique wedding favors, such as”Shells by the Sea” authentic shell placecard holders with matching placecards. This is a wonderful compliment to a summer or beach themed wedding, or even to a destination wedding at a tropical location with these wedding party favors. Wow your friends and family by selecting wedding party favors that is rare and special enough to showcase your personality. If you are a couple who loves the beach, outdoors, and fun in the sun, then this a great idea to compliment the theme of your wedding.

Another example of unique wedding party favors is for the couple who may have the green thumbs among their group of friends. If you are part of a pair that loves plant life and gardening as a hobby “Two Peas in a Pod” candle in a ivory print gift box. You can have that burning when your guests arrive and order extra to send home with them to enjoy again and again. You can also use the candles to cleverly compliment a garden or nature theme to your wedding, and that would also be appropriate for a spring or summer wedding when love is in bloom.

Make sure you honor your long-lasting new love with wedding party favors that will last for your guests as well. Every couple has their own unique interests and qualities, so take this time to share that with the ones you love. It is a wonderful idea to pair your theme with unique wedding favors, and there are so many to choose from. Selecting personal favors will put that extra touch into your wedding to make it even more special. Many couples also choose to take their theme even further and bring it into the selection of the cake topper. Use your flair to match a signature cake topper to your wedding party favors, so the moment you will always remember of cutting your wedding cake will have the touch of your own style as a couple and will stay with you for many years to come.

Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony Entrance

The chances are that you have given some thought to the decorations you would like inside your wedding ceremony location, such as altar flowers and pew decorations. Often overlooked, however, is the entrance to the church or other ceremony site. Just like your bridal gown is not complete without the right wedding jewelry, your ceremony decorations are incomplete without some adornment on the front door. These are some wonderful ideas on how to decorate the ceremony entrance to make a fabulous first impression.

When your guests first arrive at your wedding location, it is great if the outside of the building gives some hint as to the celebration taking place within. A classic decoration for church doors is to hang a wreath on the outside. If they are double doors, use a pair of wreaths. Wreaths are great, because there are so many different styles in which you can make them. Use classic boxwood for an elegant and restrained wreath, perhaps adorned with a large silver bow. Or make a more flowery wreath, using a mixture of greens and your wedding flowers. Wreaths can get very fancy too; if you were having a Winter Wonderland theme wedding and wearing a lot of sparkly crystal jewelry, you could create a crystal studded wreath. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Another lovely way to decorate your ceremony entrance is with a garland over the door. This works beautifully for any shape or size of door, and can be used in addition to wreaths, or by itself. Garlands can take many forms. Most of us are familiar with the pine garlands used at Christmas, but there are also garland designs which would be perfect for a wedding outside of the holiday season. Pretty greens with flowers look lovely at any time of the year. For an evening wedding, wrap the garland with tiny white lights to illuminate the entrance. Large magnolia leaves make a dramatic garland with a Southern flair. Accent with pretty ribbons in your wedding colors.

Potted topiaries will add an elegant style to any wedding ceremony entry way. The classic round balls are very pretty for any formal wedding. Tie a bow under the first ball on the topiary to make it more festive. A great look can be created by combining a few different topiary forms, such as the round balls, cones, and tall twisted topiaries. As the style tends to be rather formal, topiaries look best when displayed in very balanced groups or even perfectly symmetrical pairs. This would be an excellent choice to adorn the entrance of a grand old stone mansion.

Don’t think that entrance decorations are only for churches or fancy mansions. A rustic barn wedding can be dressed up with the addition of natural elements like bundles of wheat standing on either side of the front door. (Wheat can also be used to create wreaths or garlands, if you wish.) As barn interiors can tend to be dark, another great idea is to suspend a mass of floating candles in tiny clear globes over the entryway. This is a wonderful addition that will sure to make your guests feel very welcome.

There are many, many other gorgeous ways to decorate the entrance of your wedding ceremony site. You could suspend kissing balls (very romantic!), set out large garden urns of flowers, or line the steps with luminaries. By giving some attention to the front door of your ceremony location, you will really make a wonderful first impression on your wedding guests.