Your Wedding Invitations by Color

Picking a color for your wedding invitation can be a difficult decision. Colors that are pleasing to you, time of year and other wedding accent colors can all impact the hues you choose for your invitations. Find out what your favorite color might be saying to your guests and put everyone in the right mood.


Brown is a down-to-earth color that can be both calming and stimulating. Pair brown with a bright pink or blue is not only pleasing to the eye, but can actually stimulate the appetite. Brown is a great fall color but can just as easily be used year round


The exact shade of blue can have many different meanings. Robin’s egg blue is soft and delicate while royal blue is bright and strong. As a ‘cool’ color, blue is said to be calming. Imagine a sky blue or ocean blue on your wedding invitation for a breezy and soothing look.


Everyone knows that red is the color of passion; just perfect for your wedding invitation. But in other cultures red can convey power, purity, joy and celebration – all good fits for a wedding celebration. And since red is considered a ‘hot’ color, it can bring out the fiery side of your wedding guests with your red-hot wedding invitation.


Another ‘hot’ color, orange is also associated with energy. Pick an orange accented wedding invitation to get your guests mentally stimulated as well as in a more sociable state of mind. Orange is at home with right autumn hues and with bright summer and citrus colors.


The increasing popularity of green can be attributed to eco-friendly movement. Consider using the color green to highlight your environmentally friendly wedding choices. But green can also symbolize growth and renewal making it ideal for a wedding invitation.


Often considered the color of royalty, purple is a perfect combination of red-hot and cool blue. A deep purple is said to evoke passion; just right for your wedding day. A soft purple, like lavender is romantic and delicate.


Yellow is an undeniable happy color. Your guests will be reminded of sunshine and summery citrus shades. Yellow is also a joyful and cheerful color – a great choice for your joyful wedding day.

Black and white

One never goes out of style and the other is most often used to express purity. Together, black and white are unmistakably formal. Use black and white for your wedding invitation and you not only announce an elegant and smart affair, but you’re also keeping your style clean and crisp.

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