Important Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Getting married is a joyous occasion. It’s the big day and you are going to look absolutely stunning as you celebrate in front of all your friends and family. It can be a very long process to find the perfect dress because you may try on over 20 different dresses before you find the right one that suits your figure and personal taste. As a general rule of thumb make sure you begin dress shopping a minimum of 8 months before your wedding to allow for alterations and possible changes to be made if they need to.

Figuring out your personal style can be quite a task at first. You might not know anything about wedding dresses and need a starting point to get moving. You can begin by purchasing some bridal or wedding magazines and then cutting out pictures of the women and dresses you find interesting. Another starting point is by using the internet to look at the different bridal websites that showcase many different dresses and styles of them. Another place that may not come to

Colour Your Wedding, Colour Your Dress

We have our very own Queen Victoria to thank for bringing white wedding dresses into the mainstream consciousness. Before Her Majesty’s wedding dress of heavy white satin with a lace flounce, women married in their best, often coloured, finery especially as these dresses can be worn again on special occasion without screaming “bride” to all and sundry. And so, it came to pass that the various shades of white became the new norm for brides to march down the aisle.

But times are a-changing. Brides want colour to celebrate their weddings and we are not just talking about colours on the invitations and decorations, flowers and food as well as on the bridesmaids’ dresses. Instead, we are talking about colour on the wedding dress itself!

Two Ways

There are two ways with which colour is re-introduced into the wedding dress. First, the wedding dress is in the preferred shade of white, which can range from stark white to champagne white and every hue in between. Touches of colour are then added to the bridal dress like a

Keeping Guests Entertained On Your Wedding Day

On mentioning the words ‘wedding entertainment’, the unfortunate reality which pops into most people’s heads, is that of an image of a cheesy DJ, acting as though he’s just stepped out of a scene from Love Actually. Along with pictures of the even more terrible dancing his music receives in response, it’s not what everyone has in mind for their special day.

However, having some sort of entertainment at your wedding doesn’t have to be like another clichéd scene in a film; there are a lot of very unusual ways to keep you and your guests thoroughly entertained all day. And they’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Why not hire a magician for some table entertainment as your guests are having dinner? This certainly doesn’t mean that your wedding guests will feel as though they’ve been invited to a kid’s birthday party; in fact there are some incredibly impressive and sophisticated magicians available for events and they will be well adapted to charming even the most sceptical family member. From card tricks to optical illusions, there are magicians that delve into all aspects of trickery, so you can make sure that you will be getting

Starting Family Traditions on Your Wedding Day

When women were just girls, a good number of them dreamed of the perfect wedding that one day will be theirs to celebrate. Some of them would even picture themselves in their mother’s old wedding dress or even wearing their grandmother’s necklace, which she wore in her own wedding day several decades back. As these girls mature, they become more detailed in their thoughts that they would go as far as planning the theme and some of the activities of this special event. Dreaming is free, so why not dream big?

There are plenty of traditions involved in a wedding. Of course, we are very familiar with common line “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. Some people would really try to complete these items on their special event. They believe that they will have a better married life if they do. Another tradition is the so-called heirloom. It can be as simple as a handkerchief or as elegant as a studded bracelet, but there’s just something to be said about the feeling you get when you are able to participate in a tradition that has meant so much to your family. An “heirloom”

The Best Wedding Favors For Your Wedding

With all of the decisions you will make while planning your wedding, one that often gets overlooked is wedding favors. Wedding favors are generally given to the guests at the very end of a wedding reception to show the couple’s appreciation for their attendance and/or gifts. When choosing favors for a wedding, you will want to show your guests that you were considerate enough to provide these small gifts in good taste.

Personalized pens are a favorite because they offer practicality as well as novelty. The pen itself is something that anyone can use in everyday life. Pen wedding favors can feature classic symbols of wedding such as wedding cakes, brides and grooms, the couple’s anniversary, hearts, or other celebratory designs. Generally, these pens are anywhere from one dollar to three dollars.

If you are looking for a small and simple place to squeeze elegance into your wedding plans, go for place card holders. Of course, the place card holder’s job is to direct your guests to their places at the tables, but they can also be decorative additions. These wedding favors come in all different varieties including butterfly, flower, seashell, glitter, silver, swirl, heart, and

Getting the Right Inspiration For Your Wedding Hair

Brides get that once in a lifetime chance to feel like a princess for a day, and that single moment should definitely be like a dream come true. With millions of choices to be made and hundreds of details to tackle, don’t be stuck in the whirl of it all. Make sure you get everything perfectly in order, starting with your bridal look.

The theme of the wedding should represent you and your husband-to-be as a couple, focusing on the kind of relationship both of you share. On the other hand, the theme of the bride’s look should embody the woman within – who she is and what will she be in the coming years as a Mrs. To help you in assembling the wardrobe, we’ve jotted down a few tips on where to get your wedding day hair’s inspiration and how to put it into reality.

Hunt it down. Browse through wedding magazines, watch the runways and surf the net – be updated with the trends of the season. If you’re eyeing your favorite celebrities’ hairstyles, go ahead and print a copy to be filed. Seeing it in person makes it easier to imagine on

Unique Wedding Favors to Celebrate Your Love

On your special day, the love you share with your mate to be is completely unique, and your unique wedding favors should follow suit. Every bride and groom wants their wedding party favors they choose to reflect their one of a kind love and devotion to each other. Many couples choose their wedding party favors based on the theme, location, and season of their wedding, whether it be tropical, Asian themed, or even a Christmas wedding.

One of the very unique Christmas wedding party favors is a snowflake bottle stopper that comes in its own shimmering gift box. That way all of your guests can take home a holiday symbol that they can use to stop their bottles at home and remember what a great time they had celebrating your new union. This unique wedding favor would go well with the winter and Christmas theme because you can match the snowflake to your decorations, and even use fluffy fake snow to create a snowflake centerpiece to compliment your favors. The holiday theme would be very special to your guests attending, and you can hope for a white Christmas to commemorate your white wedding!

Now, not everyone